Japan Car Auction
Japanese Trade Car Auction

Buying vehicles direct from the Japanese car auction allows a greater selection, customers can choose from more than 150,000 vehicles on sale in Japan every week. Because you are able to choose from a greater range of vehicles, you have total control over the specifications of what you purchase and the price you pay!

What is the members Log in for?

Auction web access gives you auction reports, price guides on 1,000?s of cars daily. Full trade members are able to select cars for potential purchase.
Auction days of operation are Mon-Sat, auction data is usually uploaded the day before auction. All times and dates are in JST(Japan Standard Time).
Don’t have a dealer membership with Japan Trading Direct? Send us an email with the contact us form. Please be as detailed as possible. It will speed up the approval process.

Auction Grading System

Auction ChecklistGrading is a very important part for the auction to show the buyers the general quality of the vehicle for sale. It describes the condition and general wear and tear. It helps buyers from overseas to have a good understanding of the quality vehicle and to help them decide their bid price These grades are done under very strict standard auction checking system.

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